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The Social Art Memoir Now Available!

Discover the undersides of the CJC’s artistic platforms and Canadian best practices in social art to fight poverty and youth homelessness.

The memoir Social art serving youth homelessness is the culmination of the research and development project of the same name funded by the Government of Canada (Canada’s Homelessness Strategy), Ville de Québec and the Caisse d’économie solidaire Desjardins.

The document compiles a wealth of information gathered from some 30 Canadian organizations during a series of reconnaissance trips in 2018. These organizations of all kinds shared their knowledge and good artistic practices for social development and fight homelessness and poverty.

The memoir is both a guide and a reference document. It offers food for thought and relevant information on intervention through art approaches (AIPA).

This document is intended more specifically for community organizations, professional artists, searchers and government authorities.

The research is divided into six sections:

  1. What is youth homelessness
  2. What is social art
  3. Application of the AIPA framework to the CJC
  4. Success factors for AIPAs
  5. Realities of the environment
  6. Available resources

Access the free download page HERE .


For more information, workshops or conferences:

Claire Goutier

418 558-7897



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